Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Outreach Program

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory's
6th Annual
"Touch An Animal Day!"
August 23, 2014

Once again a fun day was had by all!

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Special thanks to the following individuals for their help with this event:

Dr. Kimberly Andrews
Rick Bauer
Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin
Dr. Kurt Buhlmann
Joseph Colbert
Carol Eldridge
Larry Eldridge
Dean Fletcher
Wes Flynn
Darren Fraser

Carol Gibbons
Dr. Whit Gibbons
Judy Greene-McLeod
Matt Hamilton
Amanda Holland
Linda Lee
Angela Lindell
Cara Love
Katie Mascovich
Chris McBride

Dr. Ken McLeod
Jason O'Bryhim
Bre Ondich
Lance Paden
Becca Philipps
Sean Poppy
Dan Quinn
Dr. Gene Rhodes
Zach Ross
Dr. Rebecca Sharitz

Malcolm Squires
Dr. Peter Stangel
Vicky Sutton-Jackson
Abbey Walton
Jennifer Wead
Margaret Wead
Sarah Webster
Scott Weir
Megan Winzeler
David Zailo

"American Alligator Stress and Immune Function"
by Matt Hamilton and the Tracey Tuberville Lab
"An Investigation of Diamondback Terrapin Movement and Habitat Use to Reduce Road Mortality"
by David M. Zailo, Kimberly M. Andrews, and Terry M. Norton
"Constructed Wetlands: Improving Water Quality on Savannah River Site and Around the World"
by Becca Philipps and Gary Mills
"Head-Starting to Increase the Gopher Tortoise Population"
by Daniel Quinn, Kurt Buhlmann, Terry Norton, John Jensen, Veronica Greco, and Tracey Tuberville
"Impacts of Coal Energy on Local Wildlife"
by Wes Flynn, Stacey Lance, and David Scott
"Investigating Amphibian Declines"
by Megan E. Winzeler
"Managing Wild Pig Populations"
by Sarah Webster
"Spatial Ecology of Black Vultures & Turkey Vultures"
by Amanda Holland
"Understanding Amphibian Population Dynamics Under Chemical Contamination and Climate Change"
by Scott M. Weir, Christopher J. Salice, David E. Scott, and Stacey L. Lance
"Using Genetic and Sociological Techniques to Evaluate the Status of Shark Populations: Costa Rica"
by Jason O'Bryhim, E.C.M. Parsons, and Stacey L. Lance
"Why We should Conserve Our Venomous Friends"
by Joseph Colbert and Kimberly Andrews
For those who visited hoping to see the coyote:
He would have been too stressed at this event and was not available.
Pictures and videos of him can be seen on his webpage.

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