Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Outreach Program

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory's
7th Annual
"Touch An Animal Day!"
August 22, 2015

Once again a fun day was had by all!

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Special thanks to the following individuals for their help with this event:

Dr. Kimberly Andrews
Dr. Doug Aubrey
Matthew Baker
Richard Bauer
Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin
Joseph Colbert
Carol Eldridge
Larry Eldridge
Dean Fletcher
Wes Flynn

Dr. Whit Gibbons
Beth Giddens
Judy Greene-McLeod
Matt Hamilton
David Haskins
Amanda Holland
Rebeca Juarez
David Keiter
Elizabeth Kierepka
Linda Lee

Angela Lindell
Luz Lopezdevictoria
Dr. J. Vaun McArthur
Chris McBride
Dr. Ken McLeod
Brian Morton
Breanna Ondich
Sean Poppy
Dan Quinn
Dr. Gene Rhodes

Dr. John Seaman
Dr. Peter Stangel
Paul Stankus
Vicky Sutton-Jackson
Angie Tucker
Abbey Walton
Madison Walton
Margaret Wead
Sloan Wiggers
Megan Winzeler

"American Alligator Stress and Immune Function"
by Matt Hamilton and the Tracey Tuberville Lab
"Coal-Ash Contaminants and Slider Turtle Health"
by David Haskins and the Tuberville Lab
"Head-Starting to Increase the Gopher Tortoise Population"
by Daniel Quinn, Kurt Buhlmann, Terry Norton, John Jensen, Veronica Greco, and Tracey Tuberville
"The Hidden Costs of Coal Energy"
by Wes Flynn, Stacey Lance, and David Scott
"Investigating Amphibian Declines"
by Megan E. Winzeler with members of the Stacey Lance Lab
"Managing Wild Pig Populations"
by Sarah Webster and David Keiter
"Monitoring Wild Pigs Using Fecal DNA"
by Elizabeth M. Kierepka, David A. Keiter, Antoinette J. Piaggio, Fred L. Cunningham, James C. Beasley, and Olin E. Rhodes
"Phytoremediation of Tritium on the SRS"
by J.C. Seaman, M. Baker, R.J. Thomas, C. Burckhalter, and J. Cochran
"Spatial Ecology of Black Vultures & Turkey Vultures"
by Amanda Holland
"Why We Should Conserve and Manage Our Venomous Friends"
by Joseph Colbert, Darren Fraser, Kimberly M. Andrews, and Breanna Ondich
"Comparison of 137Cs Accumulation in Larval and Adult Ranid Species on the Savannah River Site"
by Alexis Korotasz, Chris Leaphart, and Larry Bryan
"Evaluation of Population Size and Movement Behavior of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in Par Pond Reservoir"
by Morgan E. Reed, Melissa F. Thompson, & Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.
"Impact of Coal Ash Exposure on Eastern Mud Turtle Immune Response"
by Naya A. Eady, Jarad P. Cochran, Tracey D. Tuberville, Melissa A. Pilgrim, and Matthew Hamilton
"Influence of Coal Ash Contamination on Metabolic Rates of Eastern Mud Turtles (Kinosternon subrubrum)"
by Jarad P. Cochran, Naya Eady, Melissa Pilgrim, Tracey Tuberville, and David Haskins
"Investigating the Effect of Radionuclide Contamination on Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Biofilm Bacteria"
by Nathaniel Fox, Demarcus Rainey, and J. Vaun McArthur
"Presence of Ranavirus and Chytrid Fungus in Lithobates sphenocephalus in Long and Short Hydroperiod Wetlands"
by Shaina Carrington, David Scott, Megan Winzeler, Austin Coleman, Carlos Tapia, and Stacey Lance
"Radiocesium (137Cs) Uptake in Ring-Necked Ducks (Aythya collaris) Using a Contaminated Reservoir on the SRS"
by Joshua D. King, Ricki E. Oldenkamp, Robert A. Kennamer, Albert L. Bryan Jr., and James C. Beasley
"Use of Medaka as a Model Organism to Explore Proteomic and Glycomic Responses to Mercury and Low Dose Radiation in Fish"
by Mel F. Thompson, Morgan E. Reed, Shem D. Unger, and Olin E. Rhodes Jr.
"What Scavenges the Ultimate Scavenger? The Fate of Black Vulture Carcasses on the Savannah River Site"
by Lauren Laatsch, Joshua B. Smith, and James C. Beasley
"Zero Valent Iron as a Filter for Water Contaminated with Uranium and Nitrate "
by Emily Dorward, Brian Croft, and John Seaman

The SREL Environmental Outreach Program is supported by:

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SREL Outreach Program