Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Outreach Program

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory's
9th Annual
"Touch An Animal Day!"
August 26, 2017

Once again a fun day was had by all!

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Special thanks to the following individuals for their help with this event:

Rick Bauer
Emily Bertucci
Samantha Bock
E.J. Borchert
Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin
Carmen Candal
Mackenzie Dix
Mark Edwards
Carol Eldridge
Larry Eldridge

Dean Fletcher
Judy Greene-McLeod
Matt Hamilton
Avery Hammett
David Haskins
Chris Leaphart
Linda Lee
Talia Levine
Angela Lindell
Katie Mascovich

Chris McBride
Rebecca McKee
Dr. Ken McLeod
P.J. Perea
Sean Poppy
Dr. Gene Rhodes
Dr. John Seaman
Dr. Peter Stangel
Paul Stankus
Angie Tucker

Vicky Sutton-Jackson
Abbey Walton
Madison Walton
Sarah Webster
Jennifer Wead
Margaret Wead
Megan Winzeler
Xiaoyu Xu
Kristin Zemaitis
Liyun Zhang

"Contaminants and Their Effects in Brown Watersnakes"
by David Haskins
"Contaminants in north American Waterfowl"
by Chris Leaphart
"Coyotes in the Southeast"
by Sarah Webster
"Dig into Soil"
by Liyun Zhang and John Seaman
"Medaka Aging Project: Developing an Epigenetic Clock"
by Emily Bertucci
"Mercury Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification in the Fourmile Creek on the SRS"
by Xiaoyu Xu and Jasmine Parks
"Raccoon Spatial Ecology and Contaminant Exposure"
by E.J. Borchert
"The Role of Plants in the Water and Carbon Cycles"
by Mackenzie J. Dix, Seth E. Younger, and Doug P. Aubrey
Coyote's webpage
For those who visited hoping to see the coyote:
He would have been too stressed at this event and was not available.
Pictures and videos of him can be seen on his webpage.

The SREL Environmental Outreach Program is supported by:

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SREL Outreach Program