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Coyote named Scooter - The 5th Year Video Album

ice cubes
His fascination with ice continues and he experiences some brain freeze. Recorded May 15, 2016.

morning play
His playfulness comes out before the day warms up. Recorded May 31, 2016.

hairy situation
Winter coat is no longer needed or wanted. Recorded June 5, 2016.

new bedding
Bahiagrass is growing fast, so Scooter gets some fresh clippings. Recorded June 11, 2016.

passing ambulance siren
He cannot resist howling in response to a passing siren. Recorded June 20, 2016.

new room
A wall has been built to give Scooter his own room and vehicles their old parking spaces.
He is still adjusting to all of the changes. Recorded August 5, 2016.

Scooter does not want me to leave and go to work. Recorded August 10, 2016.

intruder alert
A stranger has arrived and is loading objects onto his pickup and trailer. Recorded August 21, 2016.

hand-fed persimmons
Treats are usually placed on his food stump, but Scooter is now gently taking them from hand. Recorded August 31, 2016.

cabin fever
Tropical Storm Hermine is passing through, so Scooter has to stay inside all day. Recorded September 2-3, 2016.

visiting education animals
Scooter comes along to check on other education animals on a Saturday afternoon. Recorded September 17, 2016.

toothy grin
Scooter displays a toothy grin while enjoying requested petting. Recorded September 19, 2016.

ham bone surprise
A ham bone treat and fallen acorn bring out Scooter's wild side. Recorded October 2, 2016.

windy weather
Scooter enjoys his last day outside before Hurricane Matthew brings wind and rain to the area. Recorded October 6, 2016.

scavenger hunt
A side project involving Scooter's main meat source. Created October 29, 2016.
WARNING: Some images may be offensive!
Music: "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots.

Election Day nap and play
Cool weather brings out Scooter's frisky nature. Recorded November 8, 2016.

Who's calling?
A noisy colleague is spending the night and Scooter is ready to go into his peaceful room. Recorded November 10, 2016.

violated space
Getting tired of trespassing dogs. Created December 9, 2016.
Music: "Este lugar" by Fran Villalba and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper

holiday treats
Scooter must have been a good boy this year! Recorded December 2016.

hog and straws
Nightly meat treat with some added crunch. Recorded December 31, 2016.

cold weather
Some cold weather has finally arrived. Recorded January 8-10, 2017.

dead worm squirm
Having fun with a dead worm. Recorded January 23, 2017.

broccoli stalking
Forget the florets, Scooter prefers the stalks. Recorded January 26, 2017.

new shed
Scooter gets a shed upgrade in his outdoor enclosure. Recorded February 1 and 5, 2017.

Valentine's Day sweetie
He can be affectionate at times and want to be petted (on his terms). Recorded February 14, 2017.

severe brain freeze
Cold weather has returned for a short while. Recorded March 16, 2017.

calm birthday
It's Scooter's 5th birthday and he must work before play. Recorded April 26, 2017.


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