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Coyote named Scooter - The 1st Year Video Album

Practicing his hops to make creatures move so he can see and catch them. Recorded June 26, 2012.

Looking for food in the open field. See you later! Recorded June 27, 2012.

pup eating a velvet ant
In his younger days he tried everything. He does not bother velvet ants (actually female solitary wasps) anymore.
Recorded June 27, 2012.

Ready or not, here I come!
Running towards the camera. Recorded June 27, 2012.

playtime (~2.5 months old)
Playdate with another canine. Recorded July 6, 2012.

tail chase
Classic tail chase. Recorded July 15, 2012.

playing in water
Discovering and playing in a mudhole, actually a shallow seasonal wetland that was created for amphibians and other wildlife.
Recorded July 22, 2012.

eating various fruits
He eats a variety of foods including blueberries, tomatoes, and watermelons. Recorded July 22, 2012.

new toy
He is proud of the new toy he found. Recorded July 25, 2012.

ball steal
Interfering in a friendly game of fetch with another canine. Recorded July 29, 2012.

playtime (~4.5 months old)
Playdate with another canine. Recorded August 17, 2012.

flying insect
A light snack gets away while foraging in an open field. Recorded August 18, 2012.

let's play
Trying his best to get attention and play. Recorded September 5, 2012.

playtime (~6.5 months old)
Playdate with other canines. Recorded November 9, 2012.

playing with a shrew
The thrill of the chase - and it squeaks! He let it get away. Recorded November 9, 2012.

treats at bedtime
His nightly routine involving raw meat. Recorded December 5, 2012.

pup to educational animal
First presentation created to show his success as an educational animal. Created January 9, 2013.
Music: "Home" by Phillip Phillips.

playing fetch outside
Enjoying a game of fetch mixed with hide-and-seek with minor distractions. Recorded February 9, 2013.

howling at siren
Response to an ambulance siren. Recorded February 24, 2013.



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