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Coyote named Scooter - The 4th Year Video Album

Much-needed rain has arrived. Scooter thinks he will be rescued and brought inside,
but then decides to retreat into his shelter (first record of him using the shelter).
Recorded May 12, 2015.

siren with chainsaw
An ambulance goes by soon after Scooter is put in his outdoor enclosure in the morning.
A running chainsaw (powerline being trimmed) distracts him towards the end of the clip. Recorded May 26, 2015.

It is peak shedding time for Scooter. The nightly brushings that have been going on for about a month
will hopefully come to an end now that the hair is coming off in clumps. Recorded May 28, 2015.

rat snake visit
A harmless rat snake visits. At first Scooter is interested, but then gets bored. Recorded May 29, 2015.

southern toad encounter
Playing with a male southern toad found in his outdoor enclosure and experiencing the effects of his toxic secretions.
Recorded June 4, 2015.

daily routine
Interactions with Scooter on a typical day when he is not needed for presentations. Recorded July 16, 2015.

garter snake
Snake musk actually attracts Scooter. This snake was saved because I saw it first. Recorded August 5, 2015.

meeting puppy
Dr. Poppy visits with a puppy from a local animal shelter. Recorded August 6, 2015.

mole patrol
Scooter sees a fresh mole tunnel and uses his senses to see if he can catch a snack.
The lucky mole is not in the vicinity. Recorded August 7, 2015.

hognose snake
Something has Scooter all excited. He is pawing at the ground, jumping, and wagging his tail.
Closer inspection reveals that he has found a baby hognose snake. Recorded August 13, 2015.

Persimmons are dropping from a tree behind dumpsters at the lab. Scooter enjoys some (with a little attitude).
Recorded August 24, 2015.

field cricket
His technique of "uprooting" small creatures to play with before consuming. Today's unlucky participant is a field cricket.
Recorded September 19, 2015.

meat treat and play before bedtime
He still looks forward to his nightly ritual of raw meat and playtime. Occasional distractions include various sounds outside
or the flashing red light on the camera. Recorded November 3, 2015.

Veterans Day wake up
A lab holiday has allowed Scooter to sleep in. However, he is scheduled to work later in the day.
Recorded November 11, 2015.

twirls and hops for meat
Scooter is bulking up for winter and will do anything for his favorite treat. Recorded December 10, 2015.

rawhide chew help
Scooter is getting less possessive over toys and treats, and even appreciates a helpful hand (with glove).
Recorded December 22, 2015.

frozen water
It is finally starting to feel like winter, and this puzzling phenomenon (to Scooter) has returned. Recorded January 6, 2016.

windy chew toys
Strong winds after hours of rain have brought some chew toys down from above. Recorded January 15, 2016.

frozen water Part 2
He is still perplexed about the formation of ice. Recorded January 19, 2016.

snow mole patrol
Scooter is quickly distracted after being put in his outdoor enclosure in the morning.
This incident kept him occupied for about 7 minutes. Recorded January 23, 2016.

new toy brings out "ugly face"
He enjoys a new toy. Eventually we will play with it together in a few days. Recorded February 8, 2016.

stressed out
Being an educational animal can be stressful at times. Created March 6, 2016.
Music: "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots.

wild birthday
Scooter is four years old today and gets a special treat.
As expected, his wild side is revealed. Recorded April 26, 2016.


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