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Coyote named Scooter - The 2nd Year Video Album

protecting food
The wild side comes out when anyone gets near his food. Recorded April 25, 2013.

stay away
Strangers come to visit. Recorded May 16, 2013.

happy to see you
Dr. Poppy comes to visit. Recorded May 23, 2013.

jessamine vine
Playing keep-away with a vine he pulled out of a tree. Recorded June 27, 2013.

sit, stay, shake, standup, highfive
Being a good coyote for his raw meat treats before bedtime. Recorded August 28, 2013.

having a heart
Discovering (and protecting) a special treat in his enclosure.
Treat courtesy of the Savannah River Site Wounded Warriors Deer Hunt 2012. Recorded August 30, 2013.

playing under shed
He is quite playful at times. Recorded October 24, 2013.

these are MY toys
Not in the mood for playing fetch. Recorded October 27, 2013.

turkey leftovers
Getting the leftovers of a Thanksgiving turkey and protecting them even though he had his fill. Recorded December 6, 2013.

frozen water
Experiencing the solid phase of water and trying to figure it out. Recorded January 7, 2014.

first snow
Enjoying his time playing in the snow. Recorded January 29, 2014.

favorite toy
Playing with his all-time favorite Kong toy.
Maybe the squeaks remind him of the shrews he has dug up and played with before eating. Recorded February 10, 2014.

possessive of roadkill deer
Showing his wild-side. Recorded April 11, 2014.



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