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Coyote named Scooter - The 3rd Year Video Album

howling at sirens
Response to ambulance sirens. Recorded February 24, 2013, and May 8, 2014.

yearly checkup
Happy to see his veterinarian, and still happy after needle-sticks! Recorded June 8, 2014.

morning routine
Getting his belly rubbed before going to his outdoor enclosure for the day. Recorded June 15, 2014.

playing fetch
A favorite activity before bedtime. Recorded July 22, 2014.

morning anxiety
Something visited his outdoor enclosure the previous night and left its scent all around. Recorded July 27, 2014.

new outdoor shelter
Cautiously checking out the new shelter in his outdoor enclosure. Recorded August 31, 2014.

pup to adult
A compilation of images and videos of Scooter growing up. Created September 4, 2014.
It shows his days of freedom before it became unsafe for him to be out without a leash.
The last two images were taken in his spacious "prison" enclosure.
Music: "Coyote Dance" by Robbie Robertson.

Scooter would like to meet and play with his fellow educational animal, a deaf gray squirrel. Recorded September 13, 2014.

playtime with dogs
Enjoying his occasional playdates with domesticated canines. Created September 14, 2014.

the fly
A fly is buzzing around Scooter's indoor enclosure. Recorded September 17, 2014.

reaction to roadkill hog
Growls, barks, and territorial ground-scraping. Recorded September 18, 2014.

showing wild instinct
Innocent pup to mature animal. His second year involved more showing of teeth as boundaries were formed.
Music: Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog".
Created October 28, 2014.

tennis ball play
Colder weather brings out his playful side. Recorded November 29, 2014.

playing with glove
A retired welding glove becomes his toy that he will eventually destroy.
His all-time favorite Kong toy is visible in the footage taken in the evening before bedtime. Recorded December 5, 2014.

fat lighter stump
He is finally able to extract the fat lighter from a rotten pine stump he has been working on for at least two years.
Recorded December 19, 2014.

New Year's Day 2015
Noises through the woods on the neighbor's property have captured Scooter's attention. Recorded January 1, 2015.

two sirens on one day
Two ambulances traveled down the road within an hour of each other. Recorded January 5, 2015.

presentation at high school
Scooter's use as a presentation animal. Introduction has been edited to shorten video.
One of four presentations conducted that day. Recorded on January 21, 2015.

logging operation
Pine tree stand across the street is being thinned.
Noisy equipment scared Scooter at first, but he seems to be used to it now. Recorded March 4, 2015.

logging operation over
Somebody is excited now that he will have some peaceful days outside (logging equipment departing after 4 workdays).
Recorded March 10, 2015.

rawhide entertainment
It is raining outside and there is a foxhunt going on in the area. Scooter is spending the day inside.
He is allowed to run around in the garage, but finds the most enjoyment with his rawhide treat. Recorded March 22, 2015.

good life
After a busy week of traveling, Scooter gets to spend some time outside in nice weather. Recorded March 28, 2015.
Music: "Good Life" by One Republic.

birthday treat
Scooter is three years old today and gets a special treat. He has a good time with it,
and as expected, his wild side comes out. Recorded April 26, 2015.


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