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Ruth Patrick - Myers Branch Set-Aside


Meyers Branch is a second order stream whose watershed encompasses 12,565 acres (5,085 ha), approximately one half of the Steel Creek drainage. The boundaries of this Set-Aside were delineated and marked to include Meyers Branch and its tributaries, their associated 100-year floodplain and hydric soils, the most erodible adjacent slopes (15% or steeper slopes), and all upland hardwood and mixed species stands that are connected to the drainage. As a Set-Aside, the Meyers Branch drainage and associated riparian corridor represents a nonimpacted, integrated stream ecosystem. Meyers Branch is typical of a coastal plain blackwater stream in that it is low gradient, exhibits a sandy substrate bottom, and is heavily canopied with well-developed riparian vegetation. Meyers Branch is one of the least disturbed streams on the SRS. Because it originates and terminates entirely on the SRS, this stream is not subjected to any impacts from outside of the Site. This makes Meyers Branch invaluable as a reference study stream to assess impacts to other SRS streams.

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