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Oak-Hickory Forest 2


This 460-acre (186.2 ha) Set-Aside Area is a long narrow stretch of land located along the eastern floodplain and bluffs of Upper Three Runs Creek. This Set-Aside supplements the original SREL Reserve Area--Oak-Hickory Forest 1 Set-Aside (Area #5), which is only 84.5 acres (34.2 ha). Area #12 represents hardwood forest types that are transitional between bottomland forests and drier upland pine or sandhills communities. Oak-hickory forests once were a dominant community type characteristic of bluffs and uplands along the streams of the Southeast. Most of these forests have been cut for agricultural and forestry purposes and undisturbed representative examples are rare, not only on the SRS but also in the Southeast. On the SRS, this community becomes less common closer to the Savannah River because the transitions from bottomlands to uplands are more abrupt and pine plantations often directly border the floodplain forest communities and restrict this upland oak-hickory community to a narrow zone. This Set-Aside is one of the few areas on the SRS with an extensive forest of this type. Much of this forest appears to have been undisturbed since 1906 due to its steep slopes and inaccessibility.

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