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Organic Soils Site


The Organic Soils site is an important component of the Set-Aside Program because of the highly organic soils and the riparian habitat characteristic of the broad bottomland hardwood floodplain forest of this region of Upper Three Runs Creek (UTRC). This Set-Aside represents a portion of the UTRC stream continuum, complementing other Set-Asides which are located up and downstream. In addition, this site has been used as a representative black gum-red bay forest. These forests are characteristic of mesic sites that do not flood or do so only for short periods of time. They are restricted to protected coves, ravines, and lower-to-middle portions of steep slopes; such areas occur in the floodplain of UTRC on elevated sites that seldom flood. On the SRS, sites representative of this community type are restricted to Upper Three Runs Creek because most other former locations have been impacted by reactor discharges and other management activities, making this Area an important reference wetland.

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