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Ginger's Bay


This relatively small 38.5-acre (15.6 ha) Set-Aside is comprised of the temporary pond Gingerís Bay and a partial 200-m buffer area of planted pines, mixed pine/hardwood, and upland-to-mesic hardwood communities. The bay has virtually no buffer on the northwest side that borders Road A. Gingerís Bay is 3.7 acres (1.5 ha) and is a relatively intact bay-like wetland depression which lacks the morphology and orientation of a true Carolina bay.

Like Rainbow Bay (Area #16), this temporary pond Set-Aside is one of the few Areas that has multiple plant communities associated with its basin. In addition, a significant portion (74%) of the bayís adjacent terrestrial habitat includes a relatively undisturbed mixture of pine/hardwood and upland mesic hardwood components. No other bay Set-Aside has a buffer area of this vegetation type. This Area was selected as a Set-Aside primarily due to the long-term amphibian studies being conducted there. These studies have included the installation of a drift fence and aluminum enclosures within the bayís interior; therefore it is the only Set-Aside bay in which manipulative experiments have been conducted. These studies have documented that the largest known breeding population of the marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum) in the United States is found at this site.

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