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Thunder Bay


This 82.2-acre (33.3 ha) Set-Aside is comprised of the semi-permanent, open-water, herbaceous Carolina bay Thunder Bay and a partial 200-m buffer area containing different species and ages of plantation pines. Within the buffer area are small inclusions of mixed pine/hardwood and bottomland hardwood communities. Thunder Bay is an isolated, intact Carolina bay which supports aquatic and herbaceous vegetation due to its extended hydroperiod. It is more semi-permanent than temporary and is known to have standing water throughout most years. Similar aquatic/herbaceous Carolina bay Set-Asides with extended hydroperiods are Ellenton Bay (Area #1), Craig’s Pond (Area #17), Flamingo Bay (Area #21), and Dry Bay (Area #23). This Area also represents a bay with a relatively undisturbed buffer area. Within this Set-Aside are a number of sensitive wetland plant populations. This Set-Aside was established to offer protection to the sensitive plant populations found in the bay as well as because of the long term hydrologic research associated with Thunder Bay. This bay has more hydrological characterization data associated with it than does any other Set-Aside bay.

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