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Little Cypress Bay


This 68.4-acre (27.7 ha) Set-Aside is comprised of Little Cypress Bay and a relatively undisturbed 200-m buffer zone of maturing pine and upland hardwood communities. Little Cypress Bay is a 9.9-acre (4.0 ha) herbaceous bay with a partial forest of pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens). There is no evidence of historical ditching associated with this bay. Little Cypress Bay is a relatively undisturbed Carolina bay which represents a wetland habitat whose interior basin is dominated by herbaceous vegetation but also is sparsely forested with pond cypress. This site was selected for the Set-Aside Program because pond cypress is less common in the Upper Coastal Plain than bald cypress. In addition, this wetland forest type, which has an herbaceous component, is uncommon on the SRS and is not represented by other bay wetland Set-Asides.

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