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Cypress Bay


The 66-acre (26.7 ha) Cypress Bay Set-Aside includes Cypress Bay (also called Bay #92); a 200-meter buffer of maturing loblolly pines (Pinus taeda); and portions of Bay #91 and Bay #93. The basins of these forested bays are ringed with older bottomland hardwoods and pine. All have evidence of historical disturbance from ditching or SRS rail line construction.

The focal bay of this Area is Cypress Bay, which is a relatively small (3.1 acres, 1.3 ha), relatively undisturbed bay. It is unique on the SRS in containing a relatively dense stand of small-to- medium sized pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens). This Carolina bay Set-Aside represents one of the few true bays on the SRS with an interior plant community that is forested with cypress. In addition, minimal harvesting of timber in the upland buffer areas has occurred since the SRS was established, leaving the area surrounding Cypress Bay relatively intact. Active wetland restoration research activities are associated with one of the other bays partially contained within this Set-Aside.

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