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Road 6 Bay


This 83.7-acre (33.9 ha) Set-Aside is comprised of the largely forested bay-like depression Road 6 Bay and a partial 200-m buffer of different-aged pine plantations. Road 6 Bay is not a true Carolina bay and therefore is difficult to define in terms of basin size and morphology. Rather than an isolated wetland depression, this possible streamhead depression has been altered with historical ditching but appears to have had a natural connection to Indian Grave Branch, a tributary of Pen Branch. The Road 6 Bay Set-Aside is unique in that it represents a small bay-like depression that is dominated by pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens), has an herbaceous and open-water interior, and has a highly fluctuating water level. The cypress forest within the bay is characteristic of only a few bays on the SRS and, like Cypress Bay (Area #24), Road 6 Bay contains pond cypress and may have unnatural impacts to its hydrology. This bay has been noted to have the lowest number of plant species recorded when looking at vegetation species richness for all Set-Aside bays.

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